At Gizmo Depot, Inc we understand quality and customers. We know that our customers expect options and expertise. We’ve set out to differentiate ourselves by offering two quality options based on your preference.

On the surface it’s not easy to distinguish the difference between Aftermarket and Original iPhone LCDs, but we will explain briefly below:


  • Manufactured  by Apple
  • Has Highest Resolution
  • Has Highest Brightness
  • Has Rich Colors


  • Manufactured by 3rd Party (Tienma, Shenchao, BOE, & Others)
  • Has Slightly Lower Resolution On Some Models
  • Has Lower Brightness On Some Models
  • Has Slightly Faded Color Profile (See Photo Below)

Most of our competitors will offer Aftermarket LCDs at Original LCD prices. Since 2013 we’ve attempted to bridge the gap between quality and price and offer the best expertise in replacement parts available.