April 2, 2015

If you’re like me you’re constantly working on 50 million things at one time. With my attention being pulled in many different directions and my time in high demand, it’s tempting to miss a detail here or there, or misplace something. Losing my stuff is one of my biggest pet peeves, yet it’s something I do ALL the time. When I’m in a rush to be somewhere or meet a deadline, misplacing my phone, charger, keys, or planner is the biggest waste of time. Being forever on the run I don’t have time to for a scavenger hunt.

The truth is, I don’t know how to do one thing at a time. I don’t know how to gracefully move on to a new task after checking an item off my mile-long to-do list. It’s always a rush with me, a messy hustle, and everything tends to go flying in the air as I grab, pick up, and go. I have a feeling you know EXACTLY what I’m talking about.

All the tricks in self-help books for absent-minded people I have failed at, but thankfully I have technology to turn to. In recent months new gadgets have surfaced on the market that solely track your lost stuff. How it works is that these devices (also called “trackers”) attach to your valuables, from cell phones to purses, and pair with your smartphone using a downloadable app. When the trackers are within your phone’s Bluetooth range the app like indicate to you how close your keys may be. In the event that you and the tracker get separated, your phone will send you a message or an alarm will go off.




There are a few different tracker brands that you can choose from and almost all of them cost $30 or less. You can read reviews about the different kinds, such as Tile, LassoTag, Duet by Protag, and Track R. They all share similar features. But after comparing a few I’ve decided that Track R is the winner for me.

The latest generation of Track R launched in January of this year. Track R’s main feature that sets it apart from other tracking devices is its two-way separation monitoring. You can locate an object that the device is attached to by using the accompanying phone app, or find your smartphone with which it is linked to by pressing a “ring device” button on the tracker itself. Note that Track R works with both iPhones and Android.

When outside of Bluetooth range you can utilize a feature that the guys at Track R call “Crowd GPS”. According to their website, “when a Track R user is within range of your lost item, you will received a GPS update.” Of course this idea only works if there are enough Track R users in your area and someone actually picking up your item and tracking you down to return it.

CrowdGPS Orlando
Orlando TrackR Coverage | source: trackr.com


Lady Lake TrackR Coverage | source: trackr.com
Lady Lake TrackR Coverage | source: trackr.com


The TrackR device can be connected to backpacks or key rings using a metal hoop, or attached to other items using a small double-sided sticky pad. They also sell trackers the size of a credit card that can fit inside your wallet. The design is very compact (31mm diameter, 3.5mm thickness), with a battery life of one year which can be replaced when it runs out. Not to mention, it’s very attractive. Battery type and other technical specifications can be found on the TrackR website.




Some users have complained in the past about the app having trouble reporting object locations and Bluetooth connectivity failures. But with the new generation of TrackR on the market these glitches have gotten attention. According to reports the company has worked on “maximizing reliability.”

Honestly, if it means wasting less time in a frenzy search for my car keys, the investment is completely worth it.



By Angie Fuentes, Social Media Manager. Email: [email protected] 



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