Or so it seems. I mean, you do remember how much they made last year, right?

On Monday Apple held a special keynote event in San Francisco, CA, possibly its most exciting yet since the introduction of the iPhone to the world in 2007. At the event Apple CEO Timothy D. Cook shared with about 200 hundred journalists, bloggers, Apple employees and collaborators  the latest Apple news, including the greatly anticipated Apple Watch. “I have been wanting to do this since I was 5 years old,” says Cook about the watch.

The introduction included news about their latest store in China, HBO’s standalone streaming service (available in April), lower Apple TV starting price, and the fact that the company recently sold their 700th million iPhone.

Here is the full hour and a half keynote:


But the real news didn’t start until the introduction of the new Macbook. This 2-pound beauty is what Apple calls their best Macbook to date, a reinvention of every element in previous generations of Macbooks. Available in three colors, silver, space gray and, wait for it, GOLD, one of the most astonishing new features is the one-in-all USB-C port. It acts as a charging port as well as a USB port, HDMI port, and all other ports.

USB-C port pros:

  • It’s reversible. Meaning, no more scratching your device’s ports because you won’t have to fumble with any cords to make sure they’re plugged in the right way.
  • Supports faster data transfer. According several sources, the transfer speed of the new port has been upped to 10Gbps. This number basically means that you will have to wait less time for data to transfer between devices.
  • Power delivery of up to 100 watts (20 volts times 5 amps). In other words, faster battery charge.

USB-C port cons:

  • It’s a little inconvenient. If you’re using multiple external devices or peripherals you’re going to have to get used to carrying around an adapter for now.
  • Speaking of adapters, the adapter for the new technology isn’t necessarily cheap. Get ready to pop an additional $80.

The next two most fascinating improvements to the Macbook to me is the new battery design and that there is no fan. The new Macbook boasts up to 9 hours of battery life. Talk about energy efficient!


Incredibly thin and light, Apple redesigned the keyboard, logic board, and added a new touchpad. The 12-inch Retina display is protected with coverglass and runs at 2304 x 1440 resolution. Macbook starting price is $1299.

The real star of yesterday’s event was the new Apple Watch. The fancy accessory comes in three models: Watch Sport, starting at $350; Watch, smaller version starting at $550; and Watch Edition, starting at a whopping $10,000 for its 18-karat pure gold case. You can customize each watch face to suit your tastes and needs.

The Watch Sport, obviously tailored for athletes,  has a case made of anodized aluminum material. Lon-X glass is what’s used to protect the face display. These materials were chosen for this collection of the Watch models because they’re light yet strong enough to fit an active lifestyle. The wrist bands come in 5 beautiful colors.

source: mashable.com
source: mashable.com


The next collection is simply called Watch. At a slightly higher starting price point than the Watch Sport, it’s a more fashionable choice. The case is made of stainless steel, a little heavier than the anodized aluminum. Like all the Apple Watch collections, this model comes in a smaller and larger version. The price range for both versions will depend on the type of band selection – leather, link bracelet or Milanese loop.

source: technobuffalo.com
source: technobuffalo.com

The most stunning collection of them all, Watch Edition, is Apple’s way of doing luxury. This is geek meets fashionista. I can’t even begin to imagine dropping $10,000 on a timepiece, but it sure is beautiful to look at even if on others.




Apple says that the watch battery can last up to 18 hours. Of course, like any smartwatch already out on the market, you’ll need a charger to charge the watch overnight in order to be able to use it the next day. The Apple Watch MagSafe charging cable starts at $29 for 1 meter length. But I’m assuming that a charger, albeit one of a shorter length, will be included in every Apple Watch purchase.

One of the signature features Apple focuses on about their new smartwatch is the crown, or what is commonly known as the watch dial. It’s being compared to a mouse for a personal computer, in that the crown can be twisted to switch between screens, scrolling and zooming. You also have the option of using your finger to scroll and tap the screen. Using technology called Force Touch, the screen can distinguish between a light tap and deep press, which commands access to different controls.

The only major setback I see with the Apple Watch is that it’s heavily dependent on the iPhone for connectivity purposes. A lot of what can already be done on an iPhone can be done on an Apple Watch, including making calls and using Apple Pay. Though on one hand it means you could be on your phone less (and therefore not as awkwardly antisocial), you still would have to carry both devices around. I think Apple could’ve done better.

Apple watch preorders will start April 10th and go on sale April 24th. Shipping for the new Macbook starts April 10th.



By Angie Fuentes, Social Media Manager. Email: [email protected] 

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